Why you’ll never become a travel nurse

Why you’ll never become a travel nurse

A traveling lifestyle is not for everyone. Stasha and I will be the first to admit there are plenty of good reasons that might prevent even those who enjoy an adventurous life from traveling. Add a 7-month-old and two dogs and now you have three really good reasons to not travel. So why do we?

Maybe the left side of our brains are in fact empty cavities, preventing us from making any logical decisions. This would actually explain a lot. Maybe our lives were so horrible before that we just couldn’t imagine going back. Not true at all. Or maybe it’s because traveling is the best decision Stasha and I have made in our marriage. I would say our son was our best decision but he was more of a no-return, non-refundable gift from the heavens.

So if traveling is such a great experience why don’t more people do it? Why aren’t we all just passing each other on our way to somewhere else? Aside from the fact that some people just wouldn’t enjoy traveling and would be happier living a more permanent lifestyle, I believe the biggest reason is fear of change and the unknown.

Think about anything you’ve ever done that involved a drastic change from your normal day:

  • Giving a speech
  • Getting married
  • Starting a new job
  • Riding a roller coaster
  • Having children

These are moments in our lives where the butterflies kick in, the stomach churns, and the mind races. They aren’t things we’re used to dealing with so they tend to make us uneasy, nervous and afraid. But they are also exciting and can lead to wonderful experiences and chapters in our lives.

If the fear of change and the unknown is all that holds you back from becoming a travel nurse, let go of that fear and embrace the opportunities that await you. Life is too short to live in fear.

They say your life flashes before your eyes just before your last breath. Do you want the movie reel of your life to look like it’s stuck in a loop, driving yourself back and forth to the same job for the rest of your life? Imagine what that reel would look like if you decided to travel. I would imagine much like a roller coaster ride.

I was inspired to write this article based on another written by Caz Makepeace of Y Travel Blog. Her #1 reason why most people won’t travel was “family and friends”. I think between fear of the unknown and family and friends, those two reasons probably cover 90% of nurses who want to travel but will never go for it.

To add my 2 cents on Caz’s great article which you should definitely read, I agree that you should not let your family hold you back. Your decision to travel is a big change in their lives as it is in yours. Hopefully they understand it is something you want to do and are supportive. If not, maybe they are just afraid for you.

Since becoming a father and having that unconditional love for my son, I can honestly say I would want him to follow his dreams. It would break my heart more to know I was keeping him from his dreams than to see him go. So do what’s best for you, not your family. It’s what they want you to do.

  • Ashleigh Angelette

    Great post, thanks so much for weighing in. I never struggled with my decision, although I did take about a year to fully commit due to circumstances like planning a wedding, starting graduate school, etc. But, I have ZERO regrets and anyone who has a SLIGHT interest should try at least ONE assignment in a place they’ve always thought was amazing. Make a big Pro/Con list of every state/city you’d want to live in for 3 months and research the hospitals in that area. Talk to at least 5 or 6 recruiters from various companies to find who you’re compatible with. Look up data on these recruitment agencies to see their records and client satisfaction. Really do your research. I personally keep a pro/con spreadsheet going at all time about each agency I’ve ever talked to, a pro/con spreadsheet from all my assignments so I know what I loved and what to negotiate in the future, and I also makes lists about areas I would love to travel & areas I would never travel, as well as hospitals I’d love to work at. It helps so much to be organized!

  • franki

    i want to travel but i have kids and i need them stable is it a way i could be stationary during school months and take a travel assignment during summer months?

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