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You might have noticed, we’re not your average travel nursing company. We have one interest here, and that’s keeping you happy. Whether you are considering your first travel nursing position or in the process of finding a new travel nursing company that better suits your needs, we’ve got you covered. Medical Solutions is committed to providing you unmatched benefits like:

  • Paying for your pet deposits
  • Day-one health and dental insurance
  • Paid housing
  • Free extra cash for being loyal

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  • Anonymous

    I did one contract with them. It started out great. I loved my assignment. And of no fault of her own the recruiter was out sick and I was getting down to the wire at finding my next assignment. I never heard from her, at the time I didn’t know she was ill. I just felt ignored. I wound up taking an assignment with another company. I would be willing to try it again.

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