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  • Andy

    There’s only so much a staffing agency can really do. Licensing issues and the chance an employer may bail last minute are risks associated with traveling. It’s nice that they paid you for the week. I guess if I had traveled 3000 miles only to turn around and come back id probably be complaining too. Hard to say it’s all their fault though.

    • anna lawson

      They offered to pay me for the week I was waiting and the week I was in Oregon also, it wasn’t “nice”. It was a business decision on their part , as they seemed very anxious to fill the jobs. The fact they didn’t want to get me another job was the worst part. I should never have gone without the license in my hand. As I said before, don’t ever rely on a recruiter that says , I’ll take care of you:, you had better be able to take care of yourself.


    FIRST and FOREMOST: MAKE SURE THAT YOUR CONTRACT FOR SCHEDULING, PAY, HOUSING, OVERTIME, HOLIDAY ARE EXACTLY WHAT WAS STATED IN THE DISCUSSION BETWEEN YOU AND THE RECRUITER AS WELL AS IN THE INTERVIEW!!!! DO NOT ACCEPT OR AGREE TO A CONTRACT WITH THE INTERVIEWING FACILITY UNTIL YOU HAVE THE CONTRACT IN HAND TO REVIEW!!!! IF NEEDED, CHANGE IT YOURSELF BY COPYING AND PASTING!!! I recently worked for Fusion. While working a full time lower paying job on nights, I found a travel job posting for Days that I was interested in and contacted Jake at Fusion. I told him that I wanted to be submitted for the job. Quickly, I interviewed formally with the Supervisor who then explained that the position had been changed a bit to include an occasional evening shift. I asked him to elaborate. The position was primarily for days with an occasional evening shift, once every 2-3 weeks for sick or vacation since he had a full evening shift crew. This contract was from the beginning of June to end of August, mostly while school was out. I AGREED TO THAT SCHEDULE AT THAT TIME! He did ask if I was in the market for a full time job, to which I replied that I may be if the situation was a good one for us all, but that we would visit that at a later date. He mentioned the prospect to his staff, who were excited for possibility of a full time member as they had been working very short handed for a long time. Shortly after, two staff were let go making a shortage on the evening shift as well. The supv, was having a hard time making the schedule and would be making everyone have to rotate and work an evening shift to cover. Fortunately, a person had already been hired to work evening shift, but would not be there for at least a month. As I was interested in working for the facility full time (discussed at length with the lab director on several occasions), and it was during the summer months(family obligations with minor child), I volunteered with the agreed promise that I would go back to days as soon as the new hire got trained.This information was given to my recruiter. Second week of August, I was offered an extension till end of November. I agreed, reminding the supervisor and director that I could only work days with an occasional evening shift. This information was given to my recruiter. By the last week, it was realized that the new hire was not coming to evening shift, but was actually staying on days, and the supervisor and director, completely ignoring the fact that I could not work the evening shift because now my minor child was in school. I confronted them about it via email as well as in person. I informed my recruiter as well. After 3 new hires to begin on Sept 22; Sept 19, the facility decided to cancel my contract giving no reason other than that HR said that something was wrong with the contract. My recruiter, Corey Paulsen, was brought in on a conference call to witness and discuss the reasoning. He and I both knew that we had completed all necessary forms prior to contract. I was asked for my badge and key to the facility and to remove my belongings. It wasn’t until a week later that Jake called me stating that they let me go because I stated that I was no longer available for evenings, and I asked why they didn’t state that at the date of termination during the conference call. Regardless, Jake asked if would go back on evenings and I stated that I would occasionally as I agreed to in the initial interview, because of my family obligations. They denied me unemployment stating that I QUIT! I never quit. I was terminated. Maybe because I rejected and questioned the facilities procedures of accepting specimens unlabeled and or mislabeled. They were not even following their own SOP, or JACHO. We were instructed in email from the Director of the lab to accept and set up all specimens, then send them back to the main lab to be resolved. I rejected all specimens that did not meet the 2 identifier rule, or with discriminating labels. It happened many times daily, with the same specimens being sent back labeled or relabeled. I know. I marked them to see if the same was sent back. Regardless, I did the right thing.

    Next, while I was interviewing with many different agencies for prospective jobs, Fusion set me up with an interview. During the interview, when I was asked if I was hired, what would be the day that I could start work. I told him. I never agreed to accept the position, and in fact stated that I had many job offers on the table. Within a few minutes, I called Corey, and informed him of the interview. I told him then that I had many job offers to consider, some were for perm placement. I told him I would let him know the following morning. I declined to take a more lucrative travel position, which I have the choice to do. I then get an email that I had told the guy that I would take the job. So be careful. If there is a way that the conversation can be recorded, do it.

    I had to change the contract several times to reflect the payment that was discussed with the recruiter. Just to let you know, EVERYTHING IS NEGOTIABLE! Overtime and Holiday pay are paid at time and 1/2 on base rate, but does not include meal per diem paid for 40 hrs only , and therefore, you usually do not make much for working any extra. Therefore, state that you wanted to be paid at a higher OT and Holiday rate. Example: $22 per hr is $33/ hr for overtime, but since you worked the hours extra, and are not receiving per diem, you can ask for time based on your base wages including per Diem. $210 for meal per Diem / incidentals (divided by 40 hrs= $5.25) plus base of $22 + 5.25= $27.25. Time and half is $40.88. The company is making bank on you because they are charging the facility time and half on their pay rate of $65 or more. So they can give you a piece of the pie. They wouldn’t be getting the extra if you aren’t willing to work for it, right? Put that overtime rate in the OT area and in the Holiday area of your contract. Make sure that you watch your paychecks though. I had to call every single time to get my money. Sometimes, I think they are banking on me forgetting the terms.

    Would I ever work with Fusion again, maybe, but I would be very precise in the contract. Never take a contract with a third party where the facility can cancel for any reason unless they give at least thirty day notice for housing purposes as well. Always make sure that what was discussed in the interview is exactly in the contract. If you were told days only, never accept as scheduled in the contract. Be precise. Also, where it states that you are considered quitting if the facility offers you a contract, but it is in a bad location, not ideal working, or whatever the reason, remove it from the contract. They tried to make me go to a location 812 mile away, with no money because of the above situation, and only reimburse me for 400 miles of the one way trip 2 to 3 weeks into the contract. Make sure to check the area for available housing. I have ended up having to drive 40-50 miles one way, because there is no housing.


    • Michelle Lane

      Anything can be put into a contract. Facilities do not always adhere to those contract specifics. Can’t blame the agency. ..blame the scheduler. And as a traveler you are there to fill their need. And without doing your own due diligence of research regarding a contract, housing availability and area you set yourself up for failure. Hardly can blame an agency for what you did not do

  • Debbie Jolley

    I highly would recommend Fusion Medical Staffing. Your treated like family. They honestly care about you and your family as well as your assignment. They always have your back in good situations or bad. They have come and met me for dinner at assignments and send you little perks along the way. If they don’t have an assignment in a area you want they will go out and market you to find one. They truely care.

  • Janci

    I’m new to the travel nursing world and so far this company has been fantastic!! So helpful. No pressure. Care about me as an employee. I’m not just a number. Raquel had been amazing and extremely helpful, understanding and caring. My recruiter checks in on my frequently!! So grateful I was referred to fusion!

  • Paige Nicole Smithson

    I have been very pleased with Fusion! They have understood the obstacles that come with life and have worked around my schedule when needed and have set me up on amazing assignments! Jeff was my first recruiter and then Ross and those two men have helped me in many ways. I am blessed to have such a good agency to work for and know my work ethic and understand that you are a team when it comes to having a recruiter. Awesome agency! Fusion deserves to be one of the top agencies in the Omaha metro, let alone the US! :)

  • Denise Soles Zachary

    I v completed one assignment with fusion and my recruiter Alysia Johnson has been great…

  • Abby

    Recruiter Andy at fusion is amazing! He is a very hard worker, listens to my requests, and really knows what I like. He is honest and has high integrity. I cant imagine working with anyone else.

  • Allison Mick

    So far I have enjoyed working for fusion I have not taken a full time contract yet but hopefully soon. Raquel is amazing

  • Brittney Johnson

    I absolutely love Fusion! I am so happy and I have the most amazing recruiter. They have so many options for me and are always supportive and just an email or call away! I will always recommend them!

  • Darlene Doak

    I have been in nursing a really long time, let’s just say I’m going to retire in a few more years. I have worked for four travel companies over the years with stationary positions in between. Fusion is the BEST Meghan, my recruiter is the absolute top notch recruiter I’ve ever had! Outstanding. I’ve read the other posts, and the negative ones have me wondering if they were really dealing with Fusion.
    All I know is that Fusion is terrific and we all must take some responsibility for our travel arrangements and conditions, but Meghan takes wonderful care of me!

  • Tina Howell

    I have had no problems with assignments with Fusion! I tell them where I want to go and they have bent over backwards to get me as close as possible. I worked with Dan first and now with Jess. Both have been great to check in on me during my assignments. I have done travel nursing off and on since 2006. I love it!
    I am always happy to adventure out to a new place! I am off to Daytona Beach Florida in a couple of weeks! Just finishing an assignment in Cookeville TN next week! Fusion Rocks! Now lets Roll!!!

  • Kate

    This is my first contract with Fusion, and they have done well with the housing and payroll, and my recruiter Thea has been good. There was an issue with the contract, but it resolved itself. I’ve been satisfied with them so far.

  • Olivia

    Jess Franson has been an awesome recruiter! She cares if you are happy and satisfied with your assignment and with the facility. She answers your phone calls quickly and she checks on you to see if you need anything. Very Satisfied!

  • Crystal Bayne Davis

    I’m currently on my third contract with Fusion and haven’t had any issues. My recruiter Jeff has been wonderful and I feel like he will have my back in any situation that may arise. I’m looking forward to many more contracts with Fusion!

  • Jackie

    Fusion is an awesome agency to work for. My recruiter Jess F. is AMAZING!!!! She is quick to resolve any issues and answers back very quickly. Not only is Jess wonderful. With the other agencies I have worked for the insurance is awesome too! Other agencies did not offer the affordable insurance that fusion does. I can’t imagine working with anyone else. My experience so far has been great!

  • Angela

    I have been working with Fusion for 5 assignments now. I never want to go back to another company. I love my recruiter, she really understands what I love to do and what areas I want to explore.

  • Molly

    I have been in contact with Fusion for about 1 year and am just starting my first contract through Fusion. Communication with this company is clear and consistent; my recruiter is reliable and has my best interest in mind. I am very happy working for Fusion and am excited for more contracts to come!

  • Pam Sumrall Byrd

    I have worked with Fusion since 2/23/15 and LOVE IT – Started out with Jeff and he is AWESOME – now work with Ross and he is GREAT – speak with Holly or Leslie at times either by phone or email and they always so nice – have learned all jobs and pay a little different and have learned to just go with the flow of where you are needed and make the best of it – if like – love it then extended if needed and if not so great then you are there for a need so make the best of it for your contract & try your best to make things better!! Fusion has not let me down – have made awesome friends with Fusion & with my assignments – wouldn’t change a thing!! Thanks to everyone at Fusion and to everyone I worked with at my assignments!!!!

  • Shawna

    I have traveled with Fusion Medical for just over a year, I think they are an amazing company to work for. I have one of the best recruiters and they have been very fair and helped me with everything!!!

  • Christina suttle

    This is by far the best company I’ve worked for. Every assignment I’ve taken has been a smooth transition. My recruiter has been there for everything I have needed day and night.. Thank you Jessica Jackson..

  • Esther Ankomah

    Fusion has raised my high makes as a nurse, Andy the recruiter has been so helpful in finding me the fitting assignment. I will always recommend fusion.

  • Jenn K

    I was with another company and loved my recruiter. He left and went to Fusion. I had to endure a year without Tony but I got him back this past November. I LOVE TONY and FUSION Medical!! They are the bomb!! I am not impressed by the insurance, but Jess and Tony have helped out with my $400.00 plus non covered prescription. I am hooked on Fusion and won’t be looking at another company for a VERY long time! Great travel expense coverage, housing is great, hourly pay is fab and they are there 24/7. I have never had a problem.

  • Less than satisfied

    Fusion is the second travel agency I have worked with and I have to rate them #2. I had questions about my contract that I voiced to my recruiter. When I hadn’t heard anything a few days later, I asked my recruiter what he had found out. His reply was, “I can ask them about it if you want me to”. Well yes I want you to ask them. That’s why I brought it up. I ended up doing all the communication with the faculty. Dan was great, but my recruiter was not very helpful. I probably won’t be accepting any more assignments with Fusion. They got 4 starts across the board (only because it wouldn’t accept anything less).

  • Christee Schroeder

    On my 2nd assignment with Fusion, hoping for a 3rd. My 2nd assignment has not been a great experience, but it is not Fusion’s fault. This is a bad Facility and no wonder they are short staffed and have no one applying. Can’t wait for the next adventure.

  • Denise Klingler

    Fusion Medical has always had my back, I have recommended them to many nurses that are thinking about traveling or just not happy with who they are with. They have always been fair and you can always talk to at real person if you do have a question. #1 in my book

  • Georgia

    I have worked for fusion for a year now and have been very satisfied with them and my recruiter Jessuca Franson. I have just sent 2 people to her as they want to travel nurse.

  • Jami Fregeau

    Fusion is fantastic. As far as communication Andy deserves 5/5. We were in touch for a contract and a half before I actually worked for Fusion. Andy is very attentive and very involved. I’m pleased with the pay and haven’t explored the job opportunities, because I’m pretty open and ended up with a fantastic location, again bc Andy listened that I desired to be in a busy town close to the Carolinas or in the Carolinas.

    The only thing I wasn’t over the moon about was housing in Nashville. I was hoping they would have access to somewhere other than an extended stay near the airport. It’s warm and I’m single, so I wanted an apartment with a pool. They had no luck and unfortunately I’m in a hotel room at the ES until mid July.

    I’ve recommended 4 other travelers to work with Fusion and 2 have taken the contract with them. Even though the living situation isn’t ideal is nice to work with a company who tries to make YOU the happiest you can beasily. Overall I give them 4.5 stars.

  • Michelle Lane

    I have been working with Fusion for 3 years. Excellent communication, pay is always fantastic. Ross and Holly have always gone above and beyond to ensure that I “am a happy traveler”!

  • Karen Ruffner

    Fusion got me assigned with possibly the best Hospital that I have worked for yet. The package that I was able to negotiate was by far the best yet and I have worked with a couple of different agencies. I had a little confusion before my contract started as the recruiter who did my negotiating left the agency right before I was starting and I ended up working with Jessica who is absolutely fabulous. She has been there for me every time I have any question or problem even if it’s a Friday night and she’s out on the town she answers her phone and helps me out. She truly is amazing. I hope to remain with Fusion and continue my journey which I am just starting and I plan on traveling cross-country and not just within the state from here on out. It has just been a matter of getting licensure and all of my ducks in a row before I was ready to go. I am nearly at that point and I am confident that when the time comes Jessica will help me find the perfect assignment for me.

  • Melinda Reynolds

    I am new to travel nursing and my recruiter Jessica really helped to ease my fears. Jessica and Fusion were patient while I debated on getting into travel nursing and I can honestly say it was a great decision for my life. Jessica and the staff at Fusion are always prompt to respond to never ending questions. Jessica took the time to get to know me and build a relationship with me. She is always available if I need her. I couldn’t be happier with taking the leap into travel nursing and choosing Fusion as the company to guide me on my journey.

  • Z Smith

    Great company to work for. Never had a problem, always respond to any phone call, pay is great, smart and funny recruiter, all around a solid company.

  • Kelly Knodel

    I’m new to Fusion and they have exceeded my expectations. My recruiter Jess J is amazing! Her and Heather worked so hard on my assignment. I expected to have some bumps in the road and when that happens they work to help quickly figure it out. I had talked with different recruiters for over a year and I’m so happy that I decided on Fusion. Jess and Heather, thanks for all you do. I really appreciate you and making this the best summer ever!

  • Laura

    Love is company! Fun, friendly, and reliable! The recruiters know their stuff and keep involved with you and your assignments! Taina’s awesome!

  • Amanda

    I began my first assignment in Sept 2016 my recruiter Katie half my hand and walked me thru each step calmed my stress and eased my transition to this new lifestyle. Pay has always been correct on time. Calls and messages are returned quickly and answers provided same day. Now on my second assignment with them.

    Amanda B

  • Heidi

    Love fusion…love my recruiter

  • Matt Duncan

    I started out with another agency to help a friend get a bonus. I really was torn at the time because I felt like Adam at Fusion was doing more to help me find the right contract and to earn more each week. After six weeks of not hearing again from my agency, I knew the choice I made was wrong. I went back to Adam at Fusion and could not be happier. Adam checks in with me regularly and is highly supportive of the work I do. I care a lot about my work and strive to represent not only myself, but also Fusion well. I feel like my compensation is amazing, and it adds to the rewards of my work by not having the same financial stress I had when working 4-5 days a week every week. If a problem comes up, it is resolved usually within a couple hours. I cannot say enough positive things to reflect my experience with Fusion! I plan to stay with Fusion.

  • Amy Robinson

    Worked with 2 other agencies prior and Fusion is by far my favorite thus far!! 3rd time’s the charm! Hands down awesome company! My recruiter is amazing, very personable and doesn’t make you feel like “just a number” to them. I’ll be sticking with Fusion for the long haul!

  • Emilee Almond

    I have worked with Tony Korth at Fusion for over a year now and have nothing but great things to say. The pay is fair, the company is efficient, and the staff is professional. I have and will continue to recommend Fusion!

  • Elizabeth Wall

    This first year with Fusion has been awesome! This is my 5th year as a travel nurse. Hands down this was the best decision to switch to Fusion.
    Abbey is my recruiter and she is top notch and I have nothing but praise for her! We communicate at least once a week. If I have a concern, she is the first to hear about it and offer suggestions or support.
    The insurance is great. I needed family insurance and they have provided affordable and decent insurance. I have not been disappointed.
    Paychecks….I have not once had to wonder if I was getting paid! I work and every single week I get paid! It’s great!
    Thank you Fusion for being such an awesome company! I look forward to celebrating many years of service with this company!

  • funyone

    My experience with Fusion and Tony Korth has been groovy. I’ve been with them two years and will continue to recommend them to others. Great insurance benefits, paid weeks vacation and kind staff members.

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