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  • Cathy Hilton

    Rather unfortunate experience. They promoted my fab recruiter and his replacement didn’t seem to have a heart for nurses. On several occasions they messed with my check. Even though I got everything in on time, they did not pay me in a timely manner. They said the hospital (or in my mind more likely the VMS since it was through a VMS ) didn’t get their paperwork in on time. They tried to tell me that they didn’t have the overhead to pay me until they got paid. I’m not new to travel, so I know this was bogus. It takes weeks or months for the actual money to transfer from hospital too agency via VMS. Companies like FlexCare certainly have money for this. It was almost impossible to get hold of management. Their phones are filtered, it seems. I eventually got paid a week late on all counts, but I should not have to fight for my check.

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