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2 Keewaydin Drive | Salem, NH 30179 | 800-995-2673 |

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  • Karen Rigby

    My comment is dealing with the office of Core Medical Group in NH. I haven’t traveled with this company nor do I want to after my experience with the recruiter. What ever you do don’t make any mistakes they will never talk to you again I’m not perfect I even wrote the recruiter and apologized for what happened and stated I would be interested in other opportunities with the company and didn’t hear a word from him. I was scheduled for a interview and was not available I work nights and didn’t hear my phone ring so I missed the interview I was upset and was very sorry this happened I know it was my fault. I think it is unprofessional of him to treat me this way. I really don’t care if he calls me again as there are a lot of travel agencies I can work for. I’m not perfect, glad they are! Thank You

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