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  • alj5

    I always took the housing allowance, so I can’t tell you much about the housing. I really like the two recruiters I have worked with, I feel like they are more knowledgeable about jobs and what I am looking for.

  • ncha0718

    I am currently working with Aya Healthcare on my first assignment, I have not taken the housing from them but the stipend that I got was very generous for that area. My assignment got pushed back two weeks due to tthe fact aht I am rubella nonimmune and need two vaccines 28 days apart and my recruiter notified me right away, I had my vaccine set up within 30 minutes of my recruiter talking with me through corporate complicance and then my recruiter got my relocation bonus advanced to me with the next paycheck cycle…overall I am very impressed so far so we shall see what continues to happen with them, I will try to keep you posted!

  • Ashleigh Angelette

    Although I haven’t had a travel assignment with Aya yet, they have helped me so much prepare for travel nursing and I will definitely work with them when my current assignment ends. I let my recruiter know up front I was comparing two different companies to see my options and to see what benefits I and things would outweigh one over the other for me. Ultimately, my first assignment went with Medical Express (which is also great, but I feel like I will definitely try Aya just because they are well-known, well-liked, and my recruited was just fabulous to me and for me).

    I was able to work with Meghan M. the recruiter and she has been extremely warm, kind, and have worked on getting me the best salary, stipends, and bonuses possible. So far I have NO complaints with this company. I would recommend to anyone first starting out. Again, this is my first position and I have about 20 other cities I’d love to try to travel in, and I have a wide background (ICU, flight nursing, ER, trauma, psych, step-down, burns, etc.) so I was able to be placed and kind of in high demand very quickly. If you’re considering traveling I would try to work as a float in a hospital first to get as much experience as you possibly can and try to stick with 2-4 main areas you like the best and get recommendations from all of those managers. If you can have 6-12 months as a float nurse, you will have so many more opportunities as a travel nurse and more negotiating power. Make sure you have your certifications up-to-date (BLS, ACLS & PALS if you’re peds or ED). It’s also very helpful to have a trauma and stroke certification. The more skills you can add to your resume, the better off you’ll be and the more “power” you will have for negotiating your terms.

    And fight for what you want. The company I’m with now was able to get me all sorts of perks that I know AYA would’ve been able to get me too had I signed with them. If a company wants you bad enough they will negotiate to your terms completely. For example, my first assignment only needed to be 8 weeks, but I wanted at least a 10 week assignment. I got that. I wanted reimbursement for scrubs, I got a $200 allowance for scrubs. I got a very high stipend and guaranteed overtime if I want it (I’ve always worked overtime, so if I didn’t work it here it would be like taking a pay cut).

    All in all, I highly recommend AYA – especially for first time travelers. They worked extremely hard to get me interviews where I wanted to be placed and gave me great feedback for what I need for future assignments in the locations I’d like to be. I got calls/emails multiple times a week to assure I was satisfied and happy and if they could adjust anything in my contract to make it better. I truly believe your recruiter is your biggest asset and some recruiters are lifeless and not great, but Meghan is amazing at what she does. She truly wants her nurses to be happy. As long as you stay honest with your recruiter that if you are working with two companies and keep them up to date, you won’t burn any bridges. But I think comparing companies for your first assignment is a great way to go (even your 20th assignment I still think it’s practical unless you have an amazing company that offers you the moon and the stars).

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