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13609 California Street, Suite 200 | Omaha, NE 68154 | 800-856-5457 |

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  • Reva Paxson

    I have worked for Aureus Medical Group for over five years. I have never had a problem finding my next assignment with them. Most of the time I have the next contract signed before the current one ends and I take a week or so off between each assignment to be with family. The communication should be a 5 star but it won’t let me change it. Aureus has been very good for me. They are five stars to me!!

    • Brad Crawford

      Thank you for taking the time to rate and leave a reply Reva. We really appreciate it. I’ll have to look into allowing users to change their own ratings. In the meantime I changed “communication” to 5 stars for you :-)

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