Beta test our new job board website!

Beta test our new job board website!

We are very excited to announce our new job board website for travel nurses:!!! It is unlike any other job board site out there and we believe it is going to change the way you find your next assignment. Here’s why:

  • Control over your next assignment 

    Tired of searching the dark corners of the internet to find an assignment that meets your needs? With our new website, recruiters will come to you. And thanks to some basic information you provide them (NOT including your phone number or email), they will know what jobs you want to apply for and which states you want to travel to next!

Receive job suggestions right from your home page

Receive job suggestions right from your home page

  • Control over how you are contacted

    Tired of finally finding your ideal job after hours of searching only to find out it’s not available. Funny how that works isn’t? Fear not though. Now they have your contact information and can and will call, text and email you about lots of jobs you have no interest in whatsoever. How do WE SOLVE THIS PROBLEM?

    We have our own built-in messaging system. How does it work? Easy. When a recruiter finds a position that meets your preferences, they will not see your email address, phone number, or even last name. We don’t even ask for this information. They simply see that traveler “Tonya” is a Registered Nurse working in ICU and wants a job in Florida, but would possibly settle for Texas or California if there are no Florida jobs. They send you a private message with job details and you receive an email alert from us that you have a new private message. You also have the option to turn off your email alerts so you only receive messages when you log back into Travel Nursing Exchange. You could even turn them off once you find your assignment and turn them back on when you’re ready to start looking again. NO MORE SPAM OR RECRUITER STALKING!!!


Private messages put you in control of how you’re contacted


  • Control over your job search

    Our powerful search system works for you. Once you create a free account and begin using  Travel Nursing Exchange, we’ll remember what kind of jobs you like to search for. We combine this with basic information you provide in your resume (like occupation and specialty) to display jobs tailored to you. Every time you log in, these jobs will be displayed at the bottom of your home screen.

    Don’t want to have to log in to see new jobs? No problem. Set up a job alert based on your needs. Choose your occupation, specialty, and desired location and we’ll send you an alert as soon as a new job matching your criteria posts to Travel Nursing Exchange. Set up as many alerts as you want and choose how often you receive an email with new jobs.

Receive alerts when new jobs are posted

Receive alerts when new jobs are posted


  • The world as you know it will never be the same 

    OK. We might be getting a little too excited, but we ARE really excited!!!! We created Travel Nursing Exchange because we were tired of the process just like you! And our current features are just the beginning. We have many great features right around the corner. You might even be able to use these great features right from your smartphone (hint hint).

Keep in mind the website is brand spanking new. It still has that new car smell and paper floor mats. But don’t be afraid to break it in and take it for a test drive. We already have five staffing companies on board and testing out the website on their end with more on the way. But they need more nurses!!! Let’s get there toes out of the water and push them all the way in! Visit and sign up for a free account. Once you log in, fill out the first page of your online resume and let recruiters find you and more importantly, FIND JOBS FOR YOU!

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