Travel Nurse Help got a facelift!!!

Travel Nurse Help got a facelift!!!

It has been one year almost exactly to the day since Stasha and I started Travel Nurse Help. Our goal was to create a resource that would help others decide if traveling was right for them and make life easier for those who were already traveling. The website has changed a lot since day one and we’ve received so many compliments for our efforts. Thank you so much for your support and kind words. As proud as we are at how far we’ve come, we are even more excited about where we plan to go.

Our new direction starts with a new look. Aside from our familiar license plate logo (which will get its own makeover in the coming weeks), we did a lot more than apply a fresh coat of paint; we upgraded the engine. This added horsepower gave us the ability to offer free membership with added benefits. By answering a few questions and creating a free account, you’ll have access to our popular hospital search where we combine a lot of great information about each hospital in one place. But wait, that’s not all. :-)

We are very excited about a new section we created called  “Questions”. This is very similar to Yahoo answers. Here’s how it works. Once you’ve registered for an account and signed in, you will be able to ask any question you need help with. After your question has been posted, others can view it and answer it. You and other users can vote on each answer that you feel is the most helpful and that answer will rise to the top of the list of answers, helping others seeking an answer to the same question. Unlike forums which tend to be unorganized and chaotic, Questions is a place where you can find great answers and find them fast.

Another new feature are our members’ profile page. After signing up for a new account, you will be taken to your profile page. Here you can track all of your activity including any questions or answers you’ve posted as well as comments on any of our articles. You’ll also be able to communicate with other members of the site using the built-in messaging system. We have a lot of big plans for making it easy for members to help each other so stay tuned.

We hope you like the new site and we are looking forward to building our community. We know it can be a hassle signing up for yet another account on another website. But it’s FREE, will always be free, and only takes a minute to register. It allows us to offer some great new features that would be impossible without a membership. And it creates a natural filter to help keep spam off the site. We hope you enjoy your new account and we look forward to making it worth your while. Thank you so much for your support and we would love to get your feedback on the new site and any suggestions.


Brad and Stasha

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