Rola cargo bag

Rola cargo bag

This waterproof expandable bag goes perfect with the Curt Cargo Carrier to add some extra protection from the elements on your next road trip. It fits nice and snug inside the carrier and includes straps to keep it secure. It is great for loose items or even large items such as luggage that need to stay dry and clean.

The Rola 59102 cargo bag is made to fit inside of a hitch mounted cargo carrier. The dimensions are 48 in x 19 in x 18/22 in. The height can be adjusted with the expandable zipper top. The width of the bag is a foot shy of the 5 ft wide Curt cargo carrier I recommend. This allows enough space for a plastic tote or other item to be strapped into the carrier to one side of the bag. There is no shortage of carrier sizes by different manufacturers so if you are looking for something just big enough for the bag, I’m sure you wouldn’t have a problem finding it.

It is important to note that this bag is not water resistant, but WATERPROOF. I have a water resistant bag on the roof of my
vehicle and I can tell you there is a definite difference. The Rola waterproof bag allows absolutely no water in as long as it is completely zipped with the zipper flap down and there are no holes in the bag. The water resistant bag I use on the roof can and does allow small amounts of water in.

It is also important to note that many cargo carriers will have exposed bolts facing the interior of the carrier. Although the Rola cargo bag is very rugged and durable, it can rip or tare. Make sure you examine your carrier for any bolts or sharp metal and cover them with duct tape to protect your new purchase.

The only problem with the Rola bag is that is does require a cargo carrier to be of much use. Although much cheaper than buying a trailer, the two items together will probably cost between $150-$200. If you do not need the extra space a trailer would provide, this bag has lots of room and is a great way to add space for any trip. I personally fill ours with two large plastic totes with a medium/small tote between them. This allows me to easily unpack it if we have to stop at a motel for the night. You will probably
not be able to lift the bag once it is filled. Keep that in mind if you are planning on stuffing it with small loose items.

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