Replace your cig with an ecig

Replace your cig with an ecig

When it comes to gadgets and technology, I get pretty excited. When I come across a gadget that actually improves my quality of life, I whip out my credit card. This is exactly what happened when I discovered electronic cigarettes. If you or someone you know is a smoker, you owe it to yourself or that person to read on.

For those of you that don’t know what an electronic cigarette (ecig) is, it’s pretty simple. Ecigs are electronic devices that usually resemble a real cigarette in appearance but instead of delivering nicotine to your body through smoke, it is delivered through vapor. This vapor is similar to what comes out of a fog machine and is mostly made up of Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerin, both FDA approved liquids that are commonly used in other foods and pharmaceuticals such as cake icing and food coloring. Ecigs come in many shapes, sizes and form factors. Most of them have two components: a lithium battery that resembles the white part of a cigarette and a “cartomizer” that resembles a cigarette filter and holds the liquid. The two components are connected by threaded ends like a pool stick or an ink pen.

All of the technical jargon can get a little confusing but to put it more simply, it’s a plastic cigarette that feels and looks very similar to a real cigarette. How similar? To be honest it is absolutely amazing how much it feels like smoking a real cigarette. I consider myself an extremely casual smoker. I might not smoke a cigarette for months at a time, but when the stress kicks in or I’m around others chainsmoking, I find it hard to resist. A friend of mine introduced me to ecigs and I was so impressed I went out and bought one for myself to try and I wasn’t disappointed. They really offer some great benefits over smoking:

  • Healthier

    – Cigarettes contain thousands of harmful chemicals, not to mention inhaling the smoke itself. Ecigs usually have less than 10 ingredients and they are all considered safe. Even the nicotine itself is just a stimulant like caffeine.

  • Cheaper

    I’ve read that for someone who smokes a pack a day, ecigs could save over $1500 a year. Once you pay for the initial kit that includes the battery and charger, the replacement cartomizers cost less than $3 and are supposed to last longer than a pack of cigarettes.

  • No Odor

    The rare times that I do smoke, I just feel “dirty”. I hate the smell. I hate that I have to worry about others around me inhaling my smoke. I hate how I smell when I’m done. Ecig vapor dissipates almost instantly and gives off little to no odor at all. They come in lots of flavors like mint and cherry so if anything, they give off a pleasant smell.

  • Convenience

    Even without the bans on smoking in public places, it really is rude to smoke around non-smokers. Ecigs can be used around others at no risk or inconvenience to them. I am using one right now as I type and I don’t have to go outside or worry about affecting my family with second-hand smoke (not that my wife would let me smoke inside).

I am so excited about this new technology I had to share it. I did a lot of research and decided on White Cloud ecigs. They have a very good reputation, great reviews, and one of the largest selections of flavors. Best yet, they recently dropped their prices so now is a great time to buy. Travel nursing can be a very stressful profession and I know a lot of nurses and doctors that can’t quit smoking despite caring for emphysema patients on a daily basis. If this is you or someone you know, do yourself a favor and give this thing a shot. It really could save your life and that is something to get excited about. If you do, please leave a comment about your experience below!

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