Nursing interview questions

Nursing interview questions

It’s always a good idea to be prepared to answer and ask questions pertaining to an assignment prior to getting the interview phone call. You will want to do research about the hospital prior to the interview. Most general hospital information can be found by searching our website. You should also visit the hospital website link for more details. It’s not uncommon for the interviewer to ask you if you know much about the facility. You don’t want to be caught off guard and not have answers. Consider the following questions during your interview.

You may want to print this page and have it available.

Interview Questions:

  • Name of Hospital:
  • Name of person interviewing you and their title:
  • Contact information:
    • Email:
    • Phone:
  • Ask how they prefer to be contacted in case you have more questions later.

Hospital and specific unit questions:

  • # of beds in hospital total?
  • # of beds in specific unit?
  • What is the nurse/patient ratio?
  • What type of patient do they treat most often? Geriatric? Pediatric? Middle aged?
  • Is ancillary staff available? Nurses aides, phlebotomy, IV teams, etc.?
  • How many travelers are currently working in the facility?


  • What is the policy for floating?
  • Do travelers float first and to any department?


  • Start Date:
  • Length of contract:
  • Is there a possibility of an extension?
  • What shift is available?
  • Will the shift rotate?
  • What is the weekend requirement?
  • Are the hours guaranteed?
  • Who do you speak to if there are questions about the schedule?
  • *Now is the time to ask about any time you may need to request off (wedding, graduation, etc.) This will need to be stated in writing in your contract!
  • Is overtime available for travelers?
  • Is OT mandatory?
  • What is the call-off policy?
  • Does the facility allow you to make up shifts if missed?


  • How much orientation is provided?
  • Are you required to attend a hospital education/orientation?
  • Do they use computer charting or paper charting?
  • Will there be specific training available for charting?
  • What is the dress code? Particular color scrubs?

Occasionally your recruiter may have you call the contact person they have listed on file. Again, have your questions lined up and ready to go. If the person answers the phone; identify yourself by name and that you are a traveler with [company name]. State that your recruiter sent your file over and ask if they have time for an interview now or time to tell you more about the position. If they have time, make sure you are prepared to do the interview. If he or she does not have time, ask when you should call back or expect a call.

If your first few phone calls are sent to voicemail, you should NOT leave a message. It is better to keep trying so you can actually speak to someone. There might be several travelers that apply for the same position. Sometimes it is the first qualified person to speak to the department manager who gets the job. If you still don’t get to speak to the contact person after three or four calls, leave a message. Leave your name and specify you are a traveler with [company name] and you are interested in speaking to them about the available position. Repeat your name and leave a phone number.

Again, do your research and be prepared. You don’t want to be stumbling around when you get the interview phone call, making you appear unorganized and incompetent.

Be prepared and eliminate unnecessary stress. Best of luck!

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