MTV Scrubbing In

MTV Scrubbing In

Mark your calenders people. MTV is premiering a new controversial show called Scrubbing In on Thursday, October 24th. MTV describes the show as “a new docu-series that follows nine twenty-something travel nurses all assigned to work at a new hospital in a brand new city for 13 weeks.” What could possibly go wrong, right?

When the show was first announced, many nurses were concerned it might be done in a distasteful fashion similar to Jersey Shore. As you can tell from the preview above, that concern has been confirmed. The video describes its stars as “hellraisers, heartbreakers, lifesavers and fun seekers”. The cast is shown partying hard and half naked, but also shows their professional side at the hospital taking care of patients. Judging by the comments on MTV’s trailer page for the show, it doesn’t take long to realize travel nurses and nurses in general are not happy. Some went as far as to say the show looks “appalling” and could damage the reputation of all nurses. While I can appreciate their concerns, I’m not so sure I agree with them.

For starters, how many of those nurses who made negative comments would have turned MTV down to be on the show? Look at the cast of Jersey Shore. The amount of money they’ve made from that show would probably make your stomach churn. So don’t judge the cast of Scrubbing In because they’ve been given a golden opportunity that would be hard for anyone to turn down. They may not make their parents proud, but they stand a good chance of making a lot of money.

As far as the cast making all nurses look bad; seems a little over the top to me. Does anyone think all Italians are exactly like the cast of Jersey Shore? Is everyone from Louisiana a hilarious redneck with a long beard like on Duck Dynasty? If anyone’s opinion is formed by the actions of a handful of nurses on a reality TV show aired on MTV, do you really care what they think anyway?

I realize my take may not be the most popular based on the comments from the show’s page. I’m not saying you can’t be appalled and disgusted by what you see on the show. All I’m saying is…..who cares what they do. If the cast members get naked and party hard in their free time, who cares. If you don’t like the show, don’t watch it.

Nurses work long hours in stressful situations all for the benefit of their patients, who can sometimes be very ungrateful. Nurses heal the sick and save lives, and that makes them rock stars. Nothing will change that. Not even a show on MTV.

For anyone interested, according to The Sacramento Bee, the nurses on the show are contracted through Aya Healthcare and will be filmed in Orange County, California.

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