Hello! My name is Brad and with the help of my wonderful wife, Stasha, we created TravelNurseHelp from scratch. To give you a little background, my wife and I are both from Ohio. We purchased a home in Western Ohio and after seven years decided much like you probably did, this great country is far too beautiful to stay in one place. We wanted to travel and my wife's occupation as a registered nurse gave us that opportunity. We have already traveled from coast to coast and have no intention of stopping anytime soon.

The website was created in response to what we felt was a lack of anything else of its kind. We discovered soon into our traveling we wanted to know as much information about a hospital and its surrounding area before we made a commitment to sign on the dotted line. We soon fell into a rigorous routine of google searching and website hopping to find this information.

After speaking with her recruiter and receiving a list of possible locations, my wife would immediately research as much information about the hospital she could find. How many beds? Any negative remarks in the forums? How difficult would it be to get a license for that state? I was more concerned about crime rates, what the weather was like, and what sort of fun things were there to do nearby?

We realized there was a great need for a website that combined all of this information in one place. Having lots of free time on my hands, I tackled the problem and leaned heavily on Stasha to help me with the sort of things a nurse would want to know. I added the sort of things I wanted to know and TravelNurseHelp was the outcome.

We hope you agree it is a great resource and time saver. We would love it if you could make the site even better by leaving a quick comment about your experience at any of the hospitals you have traveled to. You can do this at the bottom of each hospital page. We are also continuously improving the site and would love to hear your feedback. Thank you for using the site and we genuinly hope it helps you make a more informed decision about your next location.


Brad & Stasha

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