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What is Travel Nursing?

Travel nursing is a great way for nursing professionals to live an exciting and adventurous life of traveling, all while expanding on skills and gaining valuable experience as a RN or LPN. Travel nurses enjoy top salary in the nursing industry, paid housing, and even assignment bonuses. Each contract can last anywhere from 4 to 26 weeks, but is typically 13 weeks long. If you really like the area, you could possibly extend your contract for longer or even take a permanent position if you choose to. It’s having these choices and freedom that make travel nursing so exciting!

Travel Nursing Companies

To begin your career in travel nursing, you’ll want to get started with one or more of the many travel nursing companies out there. There are hundreds of them to choose from - some with access to contracts nationwide and others with localized access to a large city or region. Don’t be afraid to talk and apply with more than one to keep your options open. Travel Nurse Help has reviews and ratings for the top travel nursing companies to help you decide which travel nursing companies are best for you. You can find them at our travel nursing companies page.

Travel Nursing Hospitals

You’ll soon realize as a travel nurse that you know nothing about these hospitals you’re applying for. How are you supposed to make an informed decision if you don’t have the information to make that decision? Travel Nurse Help solves this problem for you. Our database of over 7,000 hospitals not only provides information about each hospital, but also about the community around the hospital. Here is some of the valuable information we provide:

  • Reviews from other travelers about their experiences at this hospital
  • Google map of the hospital’s location
  • Licensing information with links to each state BON
  • Total number of beds at the hospital
  • Crime statistics
  • Local weather
  • Indeed.com job listings
  • Average apartment rental prices
  • Beautiful photos of the community around the hospital
  • Interesting things nearby
    • You can search for travel nursing hospitals using our hospital search page or by browsing through an alphabetical list of every hospital in each state. Each state’s list can also be sorted alphabetically by city.

      Travel Nursing Jobs

      In addition to the most recent travel nursing jobs being posted on our homepage, you can narrow the most recent jobs down by specialty using our jobs page. These jobs are posted in real-time and updated as they are posted.

      Travel Nursing Salary

      One of the biggest perks of travel nursing is the salary. Because there are so many factors involved, this tends to be a confusing topic for most nurses thinking about traveling. Our salary page includes salaries for different occupations broken down by state. Using these figures, you can get a good estimate on how much you might make as a travel nurse in each state. We also include a real example of a travel nurse’s salary for different assignments so you have something to compare to.

      Questions about Travel Nursing

      Still have questions? No problem. We have a Q&A section available to anyone confused about any part of the travel nursing process. You can view questions others have already asked or ask your own question. Whether you’re new to travel nursing or a seasoned veteran confused about a recent change, if we don’t know the answer we’ll find someone who does.

      Articles about Travel Nursing

      We write every article on Travel Nurse Help, each one providing information that we have researched for our own travel nursing experience and want to share with other current and future travel nurses. Here are just a few of our most popular travel nursing articles:

      We hope that future and current travelers find the information provided helpful and convenient. Please help us make the most of the site by leaving your hospital and agency reviews. We are always open to any suggestions on how to improve the website. Please feel free to leave feedback.